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Home Swim Meet!!!

What a successful, exciting fun swim meet!!! The kids did awesome this past weekend!!!

Its so encouraging to see as a coach and a head coach over seeing everything considering how many personal bests the kids got at the meet. Us coaches have been stressing on stroke efficiency so it so nice to see after a month of training our kids are starting to beat their time. Its exciting to see that the hours of training, working on technique the kids are now applying it to their races to have a more effective, faster swim. This meet was so effective and fast that altogether the kids summed up and took off 397.64 seconds of their races!!!!!! That’s absolutely incredible!!! Amazing job kids!!!

Our clubs total points from individual swims and relays was 811 points!!! The runner up club has 391 points. Way to go Aquarians!!!

The coaches have decided that the swimmer of the meet for boys is…. Brandon Stanton!!! Brandon is improving day after day and this weekend he set new personal bests for all his races. He accomplished the goals his coach, Megan, set for him and listened to all of the coaches. He defiantly had one of the best sportsmanship there as well as he was continuously cheering for his teammates and was super positive all day. Great job Brandon, way to go!!!

And for the swimmer of the meet for girls, we chose…… Jessie Carlson!!! She’s had an incredible season so far Medeling at Beaverlodge and this last weekend stealing gold both times!!! She’s pushed for personal bests for every single race she’s swam. This past weekend she achieved personal bests in all swims!! She has such a good positive and motivated attitude towards swimming! Definitely sets a positive environment for the club!! Way to go Jessie, keep up the hard work!!!

Our memorable swims goes to:

Emma Chrenek Short Fly- awesome kickout off walls; 200 Fr- PB by alot

Adrianna Levasseur Long Back- fast solid race for her first time

Jordan Greber Short Breast- awesome pullout and PB

Reese Holmann Long Free- PB by a lot

Jordyn Henrey Long Free- PB by a lot

Deklan Sharp Long Free- PB by a lot

Luke McCllough Long Free- PB by a lot

Connor Beson Long Free- PB by a lot

Karter Gramlick Long Free- PB by a lot

Marie-Anna Lowen Long Free- PB by a lot

Kendra Dunn Long Free- PB by a lot

Savannah Christie Long Free- PB by a lot

Rian Sharp Long Free- PB by a lot; Short Free- awesome turn and PB by alot

Gavin Greber Long Free- PB by a lot

Jordi Sorochan 200 Fr- PB by a lot

Aiden O’Donovan 200 Fr- PB by a lot

Cody Sorochan 200 Fr- PB by a lot

Aarika Harpe 50 Fr- Awesome turn and dive and PB by a lot

As for aggregates, we just received FAIRVIEW’S MEDALS and they go out to:


6 & Under Jessie Carlson Gold

8 & Under Jordan Greber Bronze

8 & Under Evageline Zeyha Silver

10 & Under Mairen Lawson Gold

14 & Under Emma Chrenek Bronze

14 & Under Bryn McVittie Bronze

14 & Under Aarika Harpe Bronze

15-17 Jordi Sorochan Silver


6 & Under Brandon Stanton Silver

8 & Under Connor Beson Bronze

12 & Under Aiden O’Donovon Bronze

12 & Under Cameron Beson Gold

And for the aggregates for GRANDE PRAIRIE:


6 & Under Jessie Carlson Silver

8 & Under Evageline Zeyha Gold

10 & Under Mairen Lawson Silver

14 & Under Emma Chrenek Silver

15-17 Chanel Hauck Gold

15-17 Jordi Sorochan Bronze


6& Under Brandon Stanton Gold

8 & Under Connor Beson Gold

10 & Under Thomas Shaw Bronze

12 & Under Aiden O’Donovan Gold

12 & Under Cameron Beson Silver

14 & Under Cody Sorochan Bronze

Sorry this is a novel to read but I’m just so proud of the team so far this year!!! The kids are doing incredible!! Keep up the hard work in practice kids, it’s really paying off at the meets!! Looking forward to Regionals!!!

Catherine Geary

Head Coach

End of Two Week Trials

Title: End of Two Week Trials
Date: 2014-05-15

All Parents Spring Meeting

Title: All Parents Spring Meeting
Location: Gymnicks Centre
Start Time: 6:30 PM
Date: 2014-05-05
End Time: 8:00 PM

Ticket Sales At The Mall

Title: Ticket Sales At The Mall
Location: Grande Prairie Mall
Start Date: 2014-05-03
End Date: 2014-05-04

First Day Of Swimming

Title: First Day Of Swimming
Location: Eastlink
Date: 2014-05-01

Swim Season 2014

Its not too late to register your swimmer!! Spots are still availabe for the 2014 swim season. Don’t miss out on the fun and camaraderie of being on a competitive swim team. Click on the Registration tab on this site and follow the link to RAMP to register your swimmer(s).

Grande Prairie Aquarians Facebook Page

The Aquarians now have a Facebook page Grande Prairie Aquarians send us a friend request.

General information:

On August 17th& 18th, 2013 we had 24 swimmers attend this year’s Provincials in Edmonton. The competition was the best of the best so our swimmers were definitely anxious to show off their skills. Most swimmers swam in two sessions a day for both days. This can really take a toll on you if you’re not prepared.

Memorable Swims:

There were numerous swims that really put the “wow” in wow factor.  Only a few are mentioned below:

Swimmers Name Event Description of why:
Cameron Beson 25BK, 50BR 25 BK Nearly broke the Provincial record of 19.29 with his time of 19.92.50 BR He swam with determination, going in 6th and finishing with a best time and in 2nd place.
Connor Beson 50FLY Took an amazing 3seconds off
Evangeline Zeyha 50BK, 25BK Was amazing to see her take on her competition and race to the finish
Jennifer Chrenek 25BR Amazing Race to the finish
Erin Hoveland 50BR, 25BR She had determination and best times
Bryn Mcvittie 50BK Even with a shaky start, Bryn swam with focus and finished just off the podium with 4th place.
Chanel Hauck 50BK, 100BK Best times and great focusShe placed 3rd in both events.


Swimmer of the Meet:   

Swimmers of the Meet went to Cameron Beson and Chanel Hauck. Both swam almost all best times in their finals. They also, all together came back with four medals for our Region.  Congratulations Cameron Beson and Chanel Hauck!!

Medal Awards:

Swimmers Name Age Category (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
Cameron Beson 9&10 Silver -50 Breaststroke

Bronze -25 Backstroke

Chanel Hauck 15-17 Bronze -50 Backstroke

Bronze – 100 Backstroke


Concluding Remarks:

Great Job to all the swimmers! Lots of best times and you guys really showcased your talent. Thanks for a great season! We are all looking forward to seeing you back in the pool next season.

Submitted by Head Coach Mandy Matier


Front Row (L to R): Emma O’Toole, Helaina Zeyha, Evangeline Zeyha, Joaquin Santos, Erin Hoveland, Jordan Greber

Second Row (L to R): Assitant Head Coach Johanna Silljer, Mairen Lawson, Jennifer Chrenek, Owen Hoveland, Aiden O’Donovan, Geoffrey Metituk, Caitlin McCullough, Aarika Harpe.

Back Row( L to R): Colby McCullough, Bryn Mcvittie, Emma Chrenek, Emily Metituk, Chanel Hauck, Jordi Sorochan, Cody Sorochan, Head Coach Mandy Matier

Missing from Photo: Cameron Beson, Connor Beson, Benjamin Hunter and Alison Hunter


General information:

On August 10th& 11th, 2013 we had 35 swimmers attend the Peace River Swim Meet. It was a swim meet that everyone was anxious about and excited to swim fast. There was some tough competition with all regions bringing their best swimmers to compete.

Swimmer of the Meet:   

Swimmer of the Meet went to Jordon Greber. She swam 100% best times in her prelims and her two finals she swam in. Since Jordon is only 6yrs she had two categories to compete in. She swam in both the 6 and under one and then the 8 & under for provincials. Congratulations Jordon Greber!!

Aggregate Awards:

Team Name Age Category (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
Aquarian Swim Club ALL 2013 Top Team


Provincial Qualifiers:

Swimmers Name Age Category Events
Evangeline Zeyha 8&U 25FLY, 50BK, 25BK, FR RELAY, MED RELAY
Erin Hoveland 8&U 25BR, 100IM, 50BR, FREE RELAY, MEDLEY RELAY
Emma O’Toole 8&U 25BR, 100IM, 25Fly(Alt) FREE RELAY, MEDLEY RELAY
Connor Beson 8&U 25FLY, 100IM, 25BK, 50BK
Cameron Beson 9&10 50BK, 50BR, 100IM, 25BK, FREE RELAY, MEDLEY RELAY
Emma Chrenek 13&14 50Fly, 200IM, 50BK, 50BR, FREE RELAY, MEDLEY RELAY
Jennifer Chrenek 9&10 50BK, 50BR, 100IM, 25BR, FREE RELAY, MEDLEY RELAY
Aarika Harpe 11&12 200FR, 100Fly(alt)
Chanel Hauck 15-17 50BK, 100BK, 50BR, 100BR
Owen Hoveland 11&12 100BR, FREE RELAY, MEDLEY RELAY
Ben Hunter 11&12 400FR, 100BK(alt), FREE RELAY, MEDLEY RELAY
Mairen Lawson 9& 10 50BK, 200FR, 25BK, FREE RELAY, MEDLEY RELAY
Catilin McCullough 9&10 100FR
Colby McCullough 11&12 50FR, 100IM, FREE RELAY, MEDLEY RELAY
Bryn McVittie 11&12 50Fly, 50BK, 100IM, 100BK, FREE RELAY, MEDLEY RELAY
Emily Metituk 13&14 100FR, 50FR, 200IM, 400FR, FREE RELAY, MEDLEY RELAY
Geoffrey Metituk 11&12 200FR, 100BK(alt), FREE RELAY, MEDLEY RELAY
Aiden O’Donnovan 11&12 100FR, 50Fly, 100IM, 100Fly, FREE RELAY, MEDLEY RELAY
Cody Sorochan 11&12 50BR, 400FR, 100BK, 100BR, FREE RELAY, MEDLEY RELAY
Jordi Sorochan 13&14 100BK, 100BR, 50BK, 50BR, FREE RELAY, MEDLEY RELAY
Allison Hunter 9& 10 FREE RELAY, MEDLEY RELAY
Joaquin Santos 11& 12 FREE RELAY, MEDLEY RELAY


Concluding Remarks:

Great Job to all the swimmers! It was a spectacular meet and filled with excitement. Now it’s time to focus on competing against the province! GO REGION A!

Submitted by Coach Johanna

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